The end of the 4th term 2012

I cannot believe my time on the universities in Cape Town is up. Over the last 3 weeks I visited University of Cape Town (UCT), University of Western Cape (UWC) and Stellenbosch University (SU) to meet with the student leaders and take over from my American team mates. Below is a few photo’s on the different campuses with a few of the students.

University of the Western Cape

These were the men at our last bible study for the year. A few were missing due to exam stress, but I enjoyed our time together studying the book of John. At this study we did chapter 11, the Death of Lazarus. These men can go really deep into the Word. Yeah!

Here is a picture with one of my disciples, Francisco. We have been going through the basics of our faith and he agreed to continue his training to go and share his faith. Like most people it looks like a scary thing to do, but we did go out on our last training time for this year and he was encouraged to see how easy it looked to start and share. Pray that he will grow in courage and faith every day.

Stellenbosch University

This picture is of our last day on Stellenbosch, having a picnic on the common lawn, hiding from the sun, and my American colleagues saying goodbye. I think that this is the hardest part of our ministry. Building into the lives of these students and letting them go and trust that they will keep growing in their faith; for my American colleagues its trusting that the students will continue running with the ministry and not just disappear when they leave. So pray for continued growth and being sold out in sharing their faith.

University of Cape Town

On our last day on UCT for 2012, we challenged 4 students to take ownership of the ministry on this campus. They accepted the challenge. We left them to arrange a time to meet as a leadership team and create a social event. After 20 minutes I returned to find out what they were doing. They were sharing with each other who they were before encountering Campus Crusade for Christ and what has changed up to this point. I was almost in tears. They understand. They are not the same any more. Thank you God for what you have done in these men and women.


Please pray for these campuses. At the end of this year the team that has been helping on these universities will leave to go back to America, to continue their calling back home and next year it will only be me on these campuses; guiding, encouraging, and equipping the students face to face. So I need your prayers. My American friends need your prayers. And the students need your prayers.


Nicholas Kelderman


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