Eastern Cape Outreach

On the 11th of September my team leader – Leon Best, and I set out on an outreach to the Eastern Cape. I can sum it up into 2 major events. We first went to Queenstown for a REAP conference hosted by Multi Ministries and secondly we did few days of outreach in a small town called Ngcobo.

The Conference

The R.E.A.P (an acronym for Revival, Evangelism and Prayer) conference is hosted annually with the purpose of encouraging, equipping and networking different churches, mostly Baptist. From Wednesday evening till Friday morning we received sermons, teachings and training. During this time Leon and I also received an opportunity to go to jail to share our testimony. We didn’t know what to expect, but learned a little bit about prison ministry.

The Outreach

On Friday we left the conference and drove for almost 2 hours to our next destination, Ngcobo. In Ngcobo we did ministry from Saturday until Tuesday. During the day we conducted an outreach in a children’s home, a prison, a clinic and a hospital. Here’s one of the stories I can share: Leon and I arrived at a clinic, not knowing what to expect, walked in and awaited instructions from our host. He instructed Leon to preach to the people waiting for the doctor. When Leon started preaching, I noticed that all the clinic staff were standing around and not tending to anybody. The entire clinic came to a standstill, listening to the message. Two ladies indicated that they had received Christ into their lives as a result of the message. Our translators, who were also local pastors, connected with them to do a bit of follow up.

In the evenings we had a church service. Leon preached every evening from Saturday to Monday. On Tuesday I had my first opportunity to preach a sermon. I can truly say that standing in front of 40 people to give a prepared message was a challenge, but doing it was fun, even though I had to use a translator.

This was a growing and challenging experience and I have more that I can share. If you would like to hear more about our outreach in the Eastern Cape, please feel free to email me.




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