Hello Tanzania!

The old saying goes that the language Swahili was born in Zanzibar, grew up in Tanzania, got sick in Kenya, died in Uganda and was buried in the Congo (yes, I laughed when I heard the story too!). Either way, I’m getting to use the few Swahili words I know here in Tanzania. This is my first trip to the country and I must say it’s been exciting thus far. I’m attending a conference for the national team leaders of the different ministries of CCC in Southern and Eastern Africa. Meeting new and old friends, talking about what God is doing in our countries and learning new strategies are just a small part of what we’ll be up to this week. But the most exciting part for me is that I’m not alone this time. Even though I miss Nicholas dearly, I’m enjoying the company of my national leadership team. Friends, please pray for my team and I this week, that the Lord will refresh our weary bodies despite the severe humidity here and that the Lord will inspire us through our fellow CCC staff in other countries.

With love from Dar es Salaam,



One thought on “Hello Tanzania!

  1. And ze dead body of swahili passed through Rwanda and Burundi to be buried in Congo.

    I am praying for you. I was in Tanzania in March for Mission to UDOM. And I realy like ze country. It is a country of hospitality full of Good food and drink. I lik it ! and Its National hymn has ze same melody as ze S.A one.

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