Coaching calls, Comedy with the Board and an Angry Birds birthday. Gotta love August!

Comedy with the Board

The beginning of August offered an interesting opportunity for myself and the CCC national leadership team that I serve with. Our board of directors wanted  to have a social day with us as a team – to get to know us beyond the quarterly reports we send them. After a short time in the Word with our national team leader – Elspeth Liebenberg, I was given the privilege of starting off our “getting to know you” time with a fun game I learned from my time on campus recently. In this game you were given 5 minutes to get to know your neighbor and then introduce them to the group. I instructed them to do this but encouraged them to “dig up as much dirt on them as you can”. They certainly took my request to heart and as each one introduced their neighbor to us we heard some pretty scandalous stuff! From “this is not his first marriage” to “she wore a very short skirt the first time I met her” to even a few tear-jerking moments of “He came from a very difficult background” , needless to say, the goal of our time together was reached.

Coaching Calls

As a part of my routine, I have a monthly Skype call with each of my team leaders. Although I would love to see each of them in person, I’m grateful for technology that allows me to chat for at least an hour – getting to catch up with how they’re “really” doing – how are the kids, has your dad’s health improved, are you taking time to rest are some of the questions that help us touch heart to heart. We also take a bit to time to “talk business” – how is your team doing, did that outreach go well, how is the fundraising coming along for our conference in Nigeria? And finally our conversations close with a “How can I pray for you and how can I assist you?”. These Skype calls have greatly assisted in helping me stay connected with my team and feel closer even though we’re so far apart.

Angry Birds birthday!!!

Having our leadership meetings in Gauteng is such a treat because I get to visit my family while I’m there. My sister, being the master baker that she is, blessed me with an Angry Birds themed cake! Now if you know me well, you’ll know that I’m crazy about the Angry Birds computer game. With a huge grin on my face, I board the plane home with this cake on my lap. But the adventure didn’t end there, Nicholas fetched me from the airport, treated me to a delicious meal and then drove me to my Angry Birds party hosted by my Western Cape team! We spent the rest of the evening playing board games. I fell into bed that night happy, exhausted and over-fed! Thank to those of you who sent such lovely messages over Facebook, cellphone and even through your prayers!


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