Time on Campus

Hello reader,

I can’t believe July is over. With everything that has happened, I think August might feel a little empty. In my previous post I shared that we had American students that did an outreach in the community for 2 weeks. For the rest of their time they were on the universities being be a witness of the Gospel to our students. But what does that look like?

In the first week they were on the University of the Western Cape (UWC) sharing their faith and looking for leaders that can be a part the movement there. They looked for different ways to connect with students. In the mornings they would go all over the campus looking for people to talk to and in the afternoon set up a volleyball net between the lecture halls and shared their faith with students that join in or stand close by watching what is going on.

In the first week they shared with 223 students and 34 indicated that they gave their hearts to Christ. That was done in a period of 4 days!

In the second week we split the group in 2, with one group staying at UWC and the second group going to University of Cape Town (UCT). On the Monday we did a flash mob. What is a flash mob? A flash mob is a group of people that come together for a brief moment to do a seemingly pointless act and then disperse into the normal crowd. So we decided to freeze in front of Jameson Hall for 5 minutes to advertise a bible study. Imagine 40 people suddenly freeze all around you. The students were first in shock, and then got curious. When we started to move again, students came up to us wanting to know what this is all about. They where shocked that it was for a bible study.

All in all this was a great project and now we as the remaining staff will be busy following up the contacts that were generated over the past 2 weeks. Please pray that we not let people slip through without being followed-up

A last footnote before I end this update; Pravani and I also celebrated our third wedding anniversary on the 11th of July. Through all the busyness we could make time to celebrate what God has done in and around our marriage over the past year.

Have a great day,

Nicholas Kelderman



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