Time in the community

Hello reader,

It’s July and we are experiencing a busy time with an American Project Team. They spent a month in beautiful Cape Town, where they spent the previous 2 weeks in the townships and will be spending the next 2 weeks witnessing on our campuses.

We broke the team up into 3 groups to reach 3 areas in Khayelitsha. Team 1 hosted a holiday club at a local church, Team 2 did soccer training and Team 3 worked on pre-schools. I was giving direction to and helping group 3.

The first job at hand was painting a mural. Below you can see what the American students painted for all to see.

Our next assignment was to tile another pre-shool. So we had to sweep the room clean, apply glue and placed rubber-like tiles in a pattern. After the tiling, we had to level a sandy area where they want to build a new pre-school. So we did these hard labour items in the mornings and in the afternoon we went door to door and shared our faith. The hard part was when the people see us, they want to know if we have any work for them. They are eager to listen to the message we came to share with them, but slow to respond to the challenge of giving their life to Christ.

We also received an opportunity to train up local teenagers and young adults to reach their community. After the training they where so excited and ready to go out and share. So the following day Team 3 took them out to practice what they have been taught. The people that organized us to do this training wanted to know when we can come again to do more training.


During the training Jaime (she is the one conducting the training in front) shared that sin separates us from God, and the translator asked her what she meant by that. So she explained to him while the rest of the group practiced sharing their faith with the person sitting next to them. It was only when she shared that Jesus died for our sin and that only through Him can you know and experience God’s love and plan for our lives, did the translator understand why we need Jesus in our lives. It was the first time that he understood that Jesus is the whole point behind our salvation.

So please pray for us. They will be sharing on campuses and we need to do the follow-up. Pray that God will give us wisdom in how to handle the work load.

Thank you for reading,

Nicholas Kelderman


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