2nd term ended

My heading feels quite strange. Its been a month since I have been on campus and time has just ran by.

When I shared with Pravani about my last day on UWC (University of Western Cape) for the second term, she said that I should share with you the following:

On Wednesdays we have a men’s bible study at 1pm. Because it was the last official one for the term, we as staff decided to take all the men out witnessing. We each took 2 students with us. Out of the 2 guys I had with me was a faithful student learning for the last few months on how to share his faith and the second student heard our gospel presentation 2 weeks prior this event.

So we started walking and I explained an easy way of starting a conversation and the simple steps in sharing the material, The 4 Spiritual Laws. We approached 3 men on the library steps and to my surprise the new guy started the conversation by doing what I told him to do. The one I have been training shared the booklet and I helped here and there, to make sure that we all understand what is being shared. But just seeing how these two guys shared the Gospel with total strangers with boldness and faith, makes me feel that what I am doing is worth it.

Thinking back at this amazing experience and it makes me excited for the 3rd term. So please keep praying for my wife and I, and the American team working alongside us in Cape Town. Below is a picture of our team. They are truly a blessing.



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