Making roti, eating chillies, visiting student leaders and interns…all in a Durban day’s work!

My travels this week have taken me back home to Durban. Even though my immediate family no longer lives here there is plenty to remind me of where I came from and much to be encouraged about in seeing how God is working here. Upon visiting Tarsus Church (the church where I came to know the Lord as a 16year-old) I see that even little children are being taught to give a tithe of their spending money to missions and the church is now reaching out to countries such as India, Botswana etc. It blessed my heart to see the Indian churches in Durban catch the vision of missions (preaching the Gospel and giving to the poor).

Speaking of missions, I also got to spend 1-on-1 time with our 6 interns (recent university graduates who are giving a year of their life to serve as missionaries with CCC – see picture below). They are currently in the process of trusting God for their finances (just like we do!) and it is incredible to hear how God is providing for them and what they are learning. They will soon be spreading their wings on campus and raising up leaders for Jesus in the beautiful Kwazulu-Natal!

Part of my time was also spent with student leaders (see picture above). Interacting with them is always so much fun but learning from them is even better. At such an influential age in their lives, these students are taking the scary step of telling other students about Jesus. In fact, while sitting on a bench, waiting to meet with our student chairperson, I was approach by two young ladies asking if they could take a moment of my time to talk to me. It was two of our CCC students attempting to share the Gospel with me! Unfortunately, one of them recognised me and gave away my identity before her friend could tell me about Jesus! What a wonderful surprise. I found out soon afterwards that on specific days of the week these students set aside hourly slots to go out in pairs with a Christian friend to share the Gospel and they do this without any prompting from missionaries on their campus! In fact, my visit was to encourage and inspire them because we haven’t been able to place any missionaries on their campus this year, little did I know that I was the one who would receive encouragement and inspiration!

Fortunately my trip wasn’t all work and no play. I got to spend time with some long-lost cousins, high-school friends and even spent time with our CCC staff that I sometimes only get to see once a year. It was wonderful receiving their hospitality (and spicy food!), teaching them a few things about my life (like how to make roti-see picture below), and letting my cousins know about my husband whom they haven’t met yet! I was reminded of the importance of staying in touch with family and friends, who, for the most part are just and fun and crazy as I remember them!

Friends, please pray for our students, interns and staff in Durban. Pray for courage, growing faith and more divine encounters. Especially pray for my hometown Chatsworth – pray against the strongholds of Satan that seek to break apart families, keep people bound in unforgiveness and blind people to the truth of God’s love.

Tomorrow, I leave for home, after a week away from my dear husband. Please also pray for a safe flight home.

Teaching Sarie (one of our CCC staff) how to make "perfectly round" roti

Our interns for 2012 (From left: Me,Tha,Noscelo,Slie,Bafana,Anele - he's recently joined CCC full-time). One intern, Thandeka is missing from the picture 😦


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