You did what?!!!

Meet Sibulele. She’s one of our student leaders on NMMU (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University). She’s in the 3rd year of her BA general degree. Sibulele is a real warrior for Christ on her campus and chatting with her on campus today just left me in awe of the power of God in the life of a young person.

As you can tell, I’m in Port Elizabeth this week, doing a ministry team visit with our Eastern Cape missionaries. Today was my first day on campus and meeting Sibulele was a real treat.

As we walked and talked Sibu (as we call her) tells me about how difficult it is to share the Gospel with her friends but when she starts to tell them she realizes that they actually really need to hear it. Sibu has such a heart to reach others with the Gospel, in fact she recently shared the Gospel with a friend over Facebook and was so burdened to see that her friend is wrestling with so many issues even after hearing a full gospel presentation from Sibu and not receiving God’s gift of salvation they way it’s meant to be received – by grace, not works. As you can see from the photo I’ve included, Sibu has taken one of our gospel tracts (The Four Spiritual Laws) and pasted each page of it on the wall in her room at her residence on campus so that she can remember how to share her faith and of course my first thought was, “What? That is amazing!”

Friends, please keep Sibu in your prayers. She will conduct her first discipleship meeting tomorrow where she will be discipling other young women and helping them on their journey with Christ. Sibu is being coached by Katy Holtog, one of our CCCSA team leaders.


One thought on “You did what?!!!

  1. yeay go Sibu all the best in your new adventure with Christ… I trust that you will love how different discipleship is when you are not on the receiving side. All the best and God bless you sister. omw i feel like i know you but hey we be sisters in Christ so its chilled

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