the past 5 weeks

Good day ministry partners

I know that it has been a few weeks since we told you what we have been up to. The reason is that we were a bit busy. So today I have made it my priority to share the events that kept us so busy.

What we love to do…

Firstly the universities opened in the beginning of February and I have started this year to work on University of Western Cape (UWC). I spend 3 days a week on this campus and 1 day a week on Stellenbosch University (SUN). The reasoning behind me being on 2 campuses is so that I don’t get tunnel vision. We want to start a movement on campus and go to the next campus to do the same. The ministry must become a student-led movement. The great part is that I am not alone on these campuses. I have an American team working with me on these campuses and we are seeing so much fruit already in the month of February. Just to give you an idea, we are a team of 4 that is working on UWC and in the month of February we shared the gospel with 94 students and 9 prayed to receive Christ into their hearts! In between we also do follow-up and discipleship and we are just enjoying what God is doing on this campus.


From the 19th till the 24th of February, Pravani and I went toGauteng to receive training on how to measure a movement on our campuses. It was an exhausting few days. We received an orientation on Sunday, visited 3 campuses Monday to Wednesday, did an evaluation of what we learned on Thursday and Friday we as a full time staff that works on universities came together to work out how we are going to use this in South Africa. What did we learn? There are 4 key areas that we need to grow in to be able to call it a movement, namely: connecting the lost to Jesus, life-changing discipleship, multiplying student leaders and developing self-sustaining local resources. So we did interviews with the staff and students on a campus that averaged between 40 minutes and an hour long, asking questions regarding those 4 areas I mentioned, as well as finding out who they are and how they are really doing. After all the interviews were finished we sat for 3 to 4 hours discussing that we have found out about that campus and creating a form to give back to the staff and students to encourage and help with basic steps to the next level of the Movement. After all this was done, we did receive message from students saying thanks and positive feedback.

So between doing ministry, receiving training, working with a great team and finding time to spend with God; normal life also happens and we forget just to enjoy the moments. Pravani mentioned today how special it is that we can enjoy lunch together without doing work at the same time.

Please remember us in your prayers.

Nicholas Kelderman


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