Young, trained, radical…

Like many Christians who sincerely desire to reach the lost, we’ve been searching for the next best tool to get students excited about the Gospel, when all along, we’ve lost sight of the fact that it is the simplest methods that prove most effective. It is with this in mind that Student-Led Movements SA (SLMSA) is going back to the basics when it comes to the materials we use. The New Life Training Curriculum (or NLTC) teaches the most basic principles needed to begin a new life with Jesus. It has and still is achieving global success in equipping Christians to reach others with the Gospel. Addressing things like confession, being filled with the Spirit, sharing your faith with others, following up new believers etc. Our staff team in the Western Cape taught the lessons over two days to 28 people including 5 student leaders last week. They’re now equipped and ready to go out and share their faith! This past Saturday, the Western Cape team from the training went on an outreach to the predominantly Muslim Bo-Kaap area to hand out DVD’s which tell the life-story of Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalene (the movie is called Magdalena). Through knocking on doors and talking to people, 14 people indicated decisions to receive Christ!

In fact, today Nicholas saw Yolande, one of our student leaders at University of theWestern Capewho attended the training. Nicholas said, “She’s like a sponge, all of the stuff she learned just poured out of her, even stuff from the training that I forgot!” She is so pumped and ready to reach her campus for Jesus, praise God and pray with us for more young people like Yolande.

Speaking of Laborers…

Our New staff and Interns training also took place this past week inGauteng. Pictured here are 7 intern applicants from SLMSA (pray for laborers and God will answer!) They too received NLTC training and at the end of their week went on a Jesus film outreach where 173 people were exposed to the Gospel and 61 received Christ as their savior! Praise the Lord!



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