Up in Gauteng

Good day,

I know it been a few weeks since I have mentioned anything on the blog. We have been visiting current and future ministry partners for the past 3 weeks in Gauteng. What Pravani and I agree on, is the blessing that we experience when we share what God is doing on our campuses.

I think the challenge we experience is the heat. When we left Cape Town, it was a mild 20ºC maximum and when we enteredGautengwe experienced mid 30ºC. So we had some trouble sleeping the first few nights.

Please pray for us as we visit people all over Gauteng. We still have a few weeks left before our staff conference in December. The theme is Fun, Family & Future. Also pray that we will have the energy we need till the 15th of December. Then we rest. J

If you are on our ministry team or not, and you are interested to know more about what we are doing, you are welcome to send me an email (nickle122@gmail.com) and we can make an appointment for when we are in your area.

Have a great day.

Nicholas Kelderman


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