Working together as the Body

Our organization is focused on Evangelism and Discipleship. Our mission is Win, Build, Send. Winning people for Christ, Building biblical values, and Sending to go and do the same. Campus Crusade for Christ has different areas of ministry, namely students, business professionals and the community. We decided that we will once a month come together and focus on sharing our faith in one area.

So today the Western Cape staff and volunteers came to join us on Stellenbosch University. I can truly say that it was a blessed time. We started at 10:00, making sure that everybody was on the same page, what to share, who to share to, how to give feedback. We moved out in groups of 2 shared till 12:00.

When we returned to share what happen, I heard that God already prepared students hearts and that they where ready to hear the Gospel. We sent out 5 groups, and shared with 23 students in 90 minutes. Out of the 23 students 4 students gave their heart to Christ.

Please pray for these students to grow in their faith, especially with the exams starting next week. And praise God for the new family members in Christ.

Have a blessed week,

Nicholas Kelderman


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