Third term

Looking back over the third term of 2011, I see a wave of events that just pushed me through this term. In the previous posts I shared about a group of American students that reached out inCape Town. After they left, we as a team had to follow-up the contacts that was generated by these students.

Going through the follow-up is a rollercoaster. Some people are perfect contacts; some have only voicemail, others you only have an email address. So in the process of following up with 14 student guys, I so far have been doing bible study with 5 of the guys given to me by the Americans. At the same time I need to mentor the guys I have been walking a path with and motivate them to share their faith.

On Saturday 20 August 2011 we gathered with a few students and did prayer walking onStellenboschUniversityfor about an hour and motivated them to start a weekly meeting. For now they are focusing on prayer. God is blessing their time. We have 10 students gathering every Wednesday praying for their campus. I am looking forward to see what God is going to do on this university.

Sadly in August and the beginning of September I had little bronchitis, so I missed out on 2 weeks of ministry. Some would say it is God’s way of telling me to rest. I feel it’s not a nice way to rest and also sad that I am missing out on ministry time. But I know that not having a voice makes verbal evangelism a bit harder that usual.

OnStellenboschUniversitywe are working towards registering Campus Crusade for Christ as a campus society under the name CRU. It is a name that is used in theUSAfor the Student-Led Movement and we decided to use it as well.

So please pray that the registration process on Stellenbosch goes smoothly, that follow-up with students will be fruitful, and that the last 5 weeks before the exams start will great time to lay the foundation for next year.

Have a great day,

Nicholas Kelderman


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