Working with American students to make a difference

On Saturday 2 July 2011 we received 22 American students atCape TownInternationalAirport. Their purpose: to reach out to the community and universities inCape Town. So how does it look? For the first 2 weeks they are reaching out in Khayalitsha – an informal settlement on the eastern border ofCape Townand then for 2 weeks on our universities.

In the past week we ran a holiday club, painted a house, built a vegetable tunnel and a fence, and did door to door evangelism.

We hosted the holiday club in 2 locations – a pre-school and a church. The first picture is the USA group singing songs with children and hearing them singing the song they have already learned. The second picture is the group playing a game with the children at the church. The challenge with interacting with the children is that most of them do not understand English. They speak Xhosa. So the USA students need to work with translators the entire time. They are also teaching the children a memory verse, “Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.”

At the church the pastor is running a soup kitchen twice a week to help people that have Aids to take their medicine with food. This soup kitchen relies solely on donations. So we as Campus Crusade for Christ (Western CapeandUSA) raised money to purchase a vegetable tunnel so that they can grow their own food. The picture below is the students clearing the area for the tunnel and the second picture is the complete product.

We sent the students to go and share their faith door to door. Seeing how hospitable the people are in Kayhalitsha, even though the do not have much, they rather let you sit in the good chairs, offer you something to drink, treating you with respect. I ask myself why we that have more don’t do the same.

This past week was a blessing and I am looking forward to see what is going to happen next week.


Nicholas Kelderman


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